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Richard Havens, director of AMW, said the measure was one of several ordinances that he placed before the board for its consideration.

The proposal stems from multiple cases he has seen during the last 18 months in which animals appeared to have been harmed as a result of sexual contact with humans.“(Bestiality) is very bothersome, just from a moral standpoint,” Havens said, estimating that there had been “five or six” cases consistent with what he considered sexual abuse of pets.

By repealing the ban, soldiers are no longer punished for it by the military.

If it is against state law then they could be punished by the state but not all states ban it. Therefore, soldiers on a base in florida can have sex with animals on base and not be punished because now it is not against military regulations and it is legal to do it in florida. The truth is that the Senate has voted to remove the ban on beastiality.

Judge Michael Heath sentenced Bosditch to a one-year community service order with supervision and a four-month night time curfew.

She could have received a two-year prison sentence.

If a person is violated why is it any different for an animal that is violated by a person they trusted.

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The prosecutor, Victoria Rose described nearly nine minutes of video, graphically showing Bosditch having sex with the St. The defendant admitted the disturbing actions took place over several years., possession of a prohibited image of a child, distributing 1,861 indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography.

Although it might be morally repugnant in Haven’s eyes, legally there is little that can be done in Texas or in Amarillo to prevent it.“I know it’s an uncomfortable topic, but it’s something that should be addressed.

It’s unacceptable and we need to understand that it’s out there,” Havens said.

This is just wrong by any standard by the worst kind of offenders.

With cowards and sicko's like these, there should be tougher laws.


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